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I started my home buying journey not having a clue what I needed to do, or how to do it. I knew I was close to having enough saved, and a deep seeded desire to get out of my apartment. A little bit about me, I’m a 26 year old, single mother of 2. Apartment living was torture for two kids under 6, with nowhere to play. I knew I wanted to use my veterans benefit, but still was at a loss for how to get started.

I had a dear friend and coworker, put me in touch with Dominic at mortgage first. Dominic had never met me, we communicated entirely over the phone and by email, simply on the referral of my friend. He walked me through getting set up with the VA, bent over backwards for me, quote, after quote, question after question. At one point he even got me the pre-approval letter for an offer while he was on vacation! When I say he bent over backwards for me I really mean it.

After about 6 months and countless offers, I had decided that the timing just wasn’t right and I was about to call it quits. Then Dominic suggested a new agent. I called him, he had a perfect house, in my price range in the area I needed to be in. A month later I am the proud owner of the perfect sized house, with the perfect mortgage payment. Dominic literally helped me get set up to start the process, walked me through the process sometimes sending me step by step fool proof instructions, put me in touch with an agent who had exactly what I needed, and then he was there to finish the process and make sure everything ended up going just as smoothly as could be. I don’t think I could have done this without him. I can guarantee when I’m ready to purchase my next house, he’s going to be the first person I call, and the only mortgage broker I will consider using.

Thank you for everything Dominic!

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